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Open Gyms

No registration is required for Open Gyms.  Just show up at the door and bring $5 CASH ONLY.  Below is the Open Gym schedule for 2021.

2021 Open Gym Schedule

October 5 (Tues), 7 (Thurs), 12 (Tues), 14 (Thurs) October 21 (Thurs) October 24 (Sun) October 31 (Sun) November 2 (Tues), 4 (Thurs)
10s, 11s, 12s, 5-630pm 10s, 11s, 12s 5-630pm 14s, 230-4pm 15s and 16s, 430-6pm 15s, 16s 530-7pm
13s and 14s 730-9pm 13s, 14s 730-9pm 15s and 16s, 430-6pm 17s and 18s, 630-8pm 17s, 18s 730-9pm
17s and 18s 630-8pm