Jenn Larrick
Independent Distributor

What Makes YOU a CHAMPION?

A CHAMPION strives to be great.  A CHAMPION loves putting in the effort to achieve their goals.  A CHAMPION hates to lose.  A CHAMPION learns from defeats, focuses on daily improvement and always does it with passion.

Regardless of your profession, dreams, or goals we are all CHAMPIONS in one way or another.  I am a champion as a mom, a wife, an athlete, a co-worker, a teacher, and a friend.  I am a champion because I do whatever it takes to get the necessary results!  I am a champion because my heart cannot accept any different.

Let’s see what our CHAMPIONS are saying:

“My body feels the best it has since I’ve played collegiate volleyball!  I was wearing thin being a new mommy, being at school all day, and coaching volleyball.  The 24-Day Challenge and Spark has allowed me to function at a higher level and with more energy!  -Jenn Larrick (Mommy, teacher, coach, and director)

“I have felt great on the challenge!  I have not had this much energy since I was 21 years old! I have lost 6lbs in my first week!”  -Matt Sheets (Head Boys Basketball Coach-Columbia HS)

“I am doing great!  The Spark is lighting up my life!  I love the extra boost it gives me!  I have lost 7lbs and 2 pant sizes.”  -Marie Sabota (Stay-at-Home Mommy)

“For the last 10 years I have tried to lose weight, but the 24-Day Challenge is the first thing that has worked!  The products work great and the support system you get from your advisors is unbelievable.  You are accountable to yourself and the people in your support system and that makes you more focused.  If it’s working for me, it can work for anyone!”  -Bill Bauchens (J.O. and hockey Dad)

“7lbs in 7 days!  Feeling great!  I am obsessed with Spark!”  -Annie Djukic (D1 college volleyball athlete)

Description: OmegaPlex®Description: others on the 24-Day Challenge!  Do you have it in you?  Check out the products and information below and get started TODAY!
Tips for a successful CHALLENGE
                Herbal Cleanse                 OmegaPlex                         Meal Replacement Shake


Description:               MNS MAX 3                         Spark    


Description: ADDITIONS:
             Catalyst                   ThermoPlus



AdvoCare uses Informed Choice (A third party testing agency) to                                                                                           certify that their products are free of banned substances!

LET US HELP YOU BE A CHAMPION!  There is a broad range of AdvoCare products, we can help find the right one for you! If you are interested in more information, please email  I will answer any questions you have.  AdvoCare can provide benefits to your life physically and financially!  Looking forward to sharing with you! 

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